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Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Family History - Is it yours

Many years ago, whilst sorting out my Mothers effects, I found a birth certificate of my Grandmother. It was a profound moment to find that through all the travels of my ancestors, and my own family, we had come full circle and were almost living in the same road as my Great Great Grandparents and only a few miles from my earlier ancestors.
This of course like so many now researching their own family tree set me on a journey of total obsession with the past. At school history never meant a thing to me. Now I am like a sponge for anything to do with Essex history. I only wish ( and this is the lament of all family historians) that I had written down all the things my parents had told me about my Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents etc. The times I had said to my father, "please, not more stories of the war".
How hurtful this must have been. Its only now that we are aware of what those who went to war suffered. Of course, he had many funny stories to tell and had travelled all over the world in the Navy, but to teenager it was BORING!! Now I am trying to put every scrap of information that I can find about my fathers war days into my family tree.
Will my Grandchildren appreciate this tree? Well, I often think if my furthest researched ancestor in the 1760's had left me a video of his surroundings, family and of himself it would be absolutely wonderful. So, with this in mind I am writing a very ameteur book of all the people I have found and as much information that I can verify. Perhaps my Great Great Grandchildren will be interested, who knows. All I know is that it is a fascinating hobby. I have met (be it electronically) many wonderful people who have given of their time and of their own information with complete enthusiasm and kindness.
So I have found blogger. I thought it would be an opportunity to put some of my findings on the web. I have many photos in which I just cannot name the people and who knows if I put them on the web, someone somewhere may just recognise a face or a name.
I encourage anyone to do their family history. It is relatively easy to go back to 1837 when the first certificates were issued. I warn you, the family history bug is one you will never recover from.
It may take time to load all my information on this site, so please, if you are reading this, come back at a later date .
The Beginning
Hello all you family tree buffs
This is my family history.
I am really interested in the Moyse/Emeney Families that originate from The Hanningfields/Stock/Wickford Essex area but have also researched the Leadbeaters from Middlesex
-the Stone family from Margate and Dagenham and part of the Sloane Family from London
I have researched back as far as 1702 when Sarah Saveall family married into the Emeney family on 30th October 1791 in West Hanningfield Essex.

My Ancestors
My ancestors from Essex were Brickmakers, shoemakers watchmakers and general labourers
Sarah Saveall and William Emeney had six children
Sarah-Rebecca-Jeremiah-Lucy-Elizabeth-William jnr
Their Son William married Lydia Glading on the 20th November 1827.I can only find one child of Lydia and William and this was William Joseph born 13th November 1843. They seemed to have waited a long time for this son.
William Joseph married Sarah Moyse,base born daughter of Martha Moyse, on the 27th June 1864 in the Parish Church Wickford.
William and Sarah had nine children
Walter- Jim -May -Eliza- George- Lydia -William Annie and another William called William Moyse Emeney.
My Grandmother was May.The picture above is her. I think she is beautiful.
May Sarah Emeney married William Leadbeater from Middlesex on the 3rd February 1906 at Stanford Le Hope Church Essex.
I have quite a bit of detail on their lives and all their Aunts and Uncles. The problem is knowing when to stop.
Current Research
My current research is to try to find what happened to Martha Moyse. She had two base born children, Sarah and Mary in the Workhouse in Chelmsford. I believe these children were brought up by their Uncle and Aunt. Martha Moyse seemed to have disappeared but I cannot find any death certificate or marriage certificate that would tell me where she went after 1845
I would also like to find any relatives of my ancestors just to see where they went. Are they still in Essex?


Blogger Mick said...

I have a Sarah Leadbeater who married Walter Pratchett born in 1878. They were married in 1903.

Their children were

Herbert 1904,
May 1906,
Norman 15 Jan 1908,
Thomas 1909
Stanley 1917

If Sarah is in your Family and you have any information, i would aprreciate it.

Walter lived in West Ardsley Yorkshire.

You can contact me by email -



6:53 AM  
Blogger KPHALSTEAD said...

laura- have you tried it may give you a fast answer if someone else has input your family history!

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